About the Project
Digitalisation platform for museum collections in the region of Małopolska

The key objective of the project "Digital Cultural Heritage – creating a platform for the digitalisation of museum collections in the region of Małopolska" is to increase the accessibility of museum collections on-line by creating a common website shared by seven major institutions of culture located in the region of Małopolska. Building a durable network of cooperation between the project partners will be instrumental in protecting and promoting their cultural goods with the help of modern technologies.

A website shared by all the project partners is supported by a single database software solution to study and interpret Małopolska's collection, and applies uniform standards for object description. The process of digitalisation by photographing, scanning and microfilming of the most valuable cultural resources has enhanced the shared Internet base, which offers essential as well as academic information for the general public about selected items from the museums' holdings. Professional equipment purchased as part of the project was used in the process of digitalisation in order to ensure the required quality of digital images, as well as the archiving and safety of records.

Total project worth: PLN 3,404,302.98

MRPO financing: PLN 2,039,296.07

Project dates: 1 Apr. 2011 to 31 Mar. 2014

Financed in part by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


As part of the project you will see fifty-four thousand museum objects drawn from seven partner institutions:


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